Kal Tire

Kal Tire is a global tire supplier with more than 5000 employees worldwide and 200 retail tire stores across Canada.
A great Vernon success story, we are very proud to have been working with Kal Tire since 2002. Because of our long lasting relationship with Kal Tire we have started to feel like an extension of their team, having worked with almost every department within the business. We also had the great opportunity to design the interior branding for the Corporate Head Office which opened in 2012. 


Wheel Catalogues — We have been designing Kal Tire’s wheel catalogues for over a decade. Over the years, we have stretched the branding past typical limits, making this a challenging yet fun project.

Infographics — We are proud of the array of infographics we have created for Kal Tire as they have been used to communicate information internally to team members, externally to customers and as education resources for media.

$100 Coupon Card for fans at CFL games —This project allowed us full creativity to conceptualize how to hand out a coupon to CFL fans and make sure that it was immediately recognized as having value – not just a typical coupon that gets thrown away in the recycling. Our concept was to design the offer as a $100 gift card. This idea has been very successful and has since been used in other Kal Tire cross-promotional offerings.